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Environmental impacts are worsening global human rights, says report
Former EPA head predicts swift end to Biden’s climate policies under a new Trump administration
US electricity grid set for major overhaul to meet increasing demands

US electricity grid set for major overhaul to meet increasing demands

Federal regulators have approved vital changes to enhance the U.S. power grid, aiming to counteract the current infrastructural inadequacies and frequent power shortages.

Evan Halper reports for The Washington Post.

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compressed-air energy storage
Credit: Wayne S. Grazio/Flickr

Compressed-air storage moves toward commercialization

Hydrostor Inc., a leader in compressed-air energy storage, is preparing to build two major facilities as the need for long-duration energy storage intensifies.

Dan Gearino reports for Inside Climate News.

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power  transmission lines silhouette

Texas lawmaker proposes federal oversight for improved power grid connectivity

In an ambitious move, U.S. Rep. Greg Casar introduces a bill to bolster Texas' power grid resilience by promoting interstate connections, potentially mitigating climate-induced blackouts.

Keaton Peters reports for Inside Climate News.

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transmission lines night snow

Your home’s cleaner, better heating system comes with one major cost: a rising threat of blackouts

American energy needs are changing. So far, the US power grid has been able to keep you warm.
power grid

US grid stability threatened by aging infrastructure and climate change

The U.S. faces increasing blackout risks due to aging power grids, extreme weather and a transition to cleaner energy sources, warns North American Electric Reliability Corp.

Peter Behr reports for E&E News.

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electricity grid lines

IEA report warns electric grid delays threaten clean energy plans

Even as technologies like wind, solar and electric cars spread, nations are falling far behind in building the power lines needed to support them.
Grid battery storage manufacturing

With loan guarantee, Eos Energy’s Turtle Creek manufacturing expansion is under way

Eos Energy Enterprises is embarking upon a $500 million expansion of its Turtle Creek battery manufacturing operation, and the potential for hundreds of new jobs.