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3 takeaways from Biden’s big transmission plan

Thousands of miles of new power lines are needed to send clean electricity across the U.S. to meet ambitious climate goals. The looming question for the Biden administration is how to get them built.

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The US power grid quietly survived record summer heat waves without outages

With little acknowledgment and no applause, the power grid across the continental United States this summer quietly pulled off what may have been its most impressive feat ever.

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California’s race against time to build power lines

Want to live in a world where heat waves stop getting hotter, wildfires stop getting bigger, water shortages stop getting more severe and storms stop getting more destructive? Then you should probably cozy up to electric power lines.

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2022 was a remarkable year for the climate. Here’s what to expect in 2023

Get ready for more hot weather — and the rapid deployment of clean technologies.
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Burying just 5 percent of power lines can improve resilience in hurricane-prone regions

As extreme weather events become more intense and compound one another, more climate-resilient infrastructure is needed to better protect vulnerable populations.

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Is burying power lines fire-prevention magic, or magical thinking?

With power lines sparking more wildfires as climate change makes landscapes more flammable and drives a movement to “electrify everything,” a simple solution is gaining acceptance despite the cost.

How an electrocuted bird might start a wildfire

How an electrocuted bird might start a wildfire

Researchers found dozens of incidents where birds fell to the ground after being electrocuted on power lines, and sparked fires. They also proposed steps to prevent such incidents.