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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
Tiny climate crises adding up

Tiny climate crises are adding up to one big disaster

Billion-dollar disasters are breaking records, but the accumulation of small disasters can be devastating too.

clean energy resilient snowpack

The surprising way clean energy will help save the snowpack

As if we needed another reason to quickly ditch fossil fuels: Cleaner snow melts much more slowly.
war and ecological collapse
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Endless war on a dying planet

The dual tragedies of war and ecological collapse in Israel and Palestine.

coastal temperate rainforest drought

Living in a rainforest without rain?

This summer offered a window into a grim and uncertain future.
BC faces historic drought

Canada’s wettest province faces historic drought — and a precarious new future

From grasshopper infestations to water restrictions, B.C.’s drought is affecting all corners of the province in ways surprising and predictable. Is the government doing enough to lead?
solar power’s stormwater footprint

Chesapeake experts focus on solar power’s stormwater footprint

Rain dripping off solar panels can produce a unique type of runoff — one the scientific community is playing catch-up to quantify as the solar industry rapidly expands its footprint. Whitney Pipkin reports for the Chesapeake Bay Journal.
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