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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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US ocean protection plan includes commercial fishing areas, sparking debate

US ocean protection plan includes commercial fishing areas, sparking debate

New information reveals the Biden administration’s ocean conservation strategy considers areas with commercial fishing as protected, causing concern among scientists.

Catrin Einhorn reports for The New York Times

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Some U.S. wolverines to be protected by Endangered Species Act

Officials will add the predators, threatened by climate change and habitat loss in much of the United States, to the Endangered Species List.
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Developing countries need more money to protect themselves from climate change

To adapt to the threats developing countries are facing from climate change, the United Nations says they'll need at least 10 times more money than the public funding they received in 2021.
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How the US supreme court and an Idaho couple upended wetlands protection

Often dismissed as dismal wet bogs and rampantly cleared since European arrival in the US, the underappreciated importance of wetlands has been placed into sharp relief by a supreme court ruling that has plunged many of these ecosystems into new peril.

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BLM wants to protect the Placitas area from oil and gas extraction

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland wants to withdraw nearly 4,213 acres of public lands from oil and gas extraction for 50 years “to protect, preserve, and promote the scenic integrity, cultural importance, recreational values, and wildlife habitat connectivity within the Placitas area,” according to the six-page draft proposal.

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Farmworkers face increasing heat waves with little protection

Experts call attention to poor regulatory safeguards and the underreported impact of climate change on farmworkers.
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Threatened by climate change, food chain workers demand labor protections

The farm bill has long excluded farmworkers and other food chain workers. Now, workers and advocates are making a case for including their needs.