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Judges' interpretations of the law significantly impact climate policy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Houston tackles cleanup after Gulf Coast storm damages city
Earth stays above 1.5°C warming for a year
Canada passes Bill C-226 to combat environmental racism

Canada passes Bill C-226 to combat environmental racism

Canada's new Bill C-226 aims to develop a national strategy to address environmental racism and ensure affected communities are part of the solution.

Denise Balkissoon reports for The Narwhal.

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Alabama's Shiloh community struggles with floods and racism

Alabama's Shiloh community struggles with floods and racism

In Alabama's Shiloh community, residents grapple with persistent flooding exacerbated by a highway expansion, highlighting issues of environmental injustice.

Lee Hedgepeth reports for Inside Climate News.

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auto workers occupational justice

Local leaders call for auto workers’ gains to spread to EV plants, Southern Black workers

More than 60 Black political leaders, wrote to President Biden asking him to push for higher standards in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry.
miami climate impacts

In Miami, it’s no coincidence marginalized neighborhoods are hotter

New research suggests the problem traces to a historical federal program that was turned against those who needed it most, through a practice known as redlining.

climate science attack

'No left-wing indoctrination': Climate science under attack in classrooms

Conservative activists and politicians in states across the country are trying to limit or distort the teaching of climate science to schoolchildren, marking a growing front in the culture war against social movements over race, gender identity and the environment.

private equity KKR racism
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Private equity giant KKR is funding environmental racism, new report finds

Keerti Gopal reports for Inside Climate News that climate impacts of the private equity industry create significant harm to BIPOC communities in Texas, Louisiana and British Columbia, Canada.

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heather mcteer toney environmental justice
Image by 1388843 from Pixabay

Q&A: Heather McTeer Toney reflects on the ongoing struggle for environmental justice in America

McTeer’s new book is “Before the Streetlights Come On: Black America’s Urgent Call for Climate Solutions.” She calls the Black church and its power to move the electorate a “sleeping giant” for environmental action.