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Russian Arctic oil & gas

We are building a 'Noah's Ark' in the Arctic, says Russia's most powerful oil company leader

A great Flood is on its way from the West, Igor Sechin warns. He finds salvation in Arctic project Vostok Oil.
Russia proceeds with its biggest Arctic oil project

Oil embargo looms, but Russia proceeds with its biggest Arctic oil project

Nuclear-powered freighter Sevmorput continues to shuttle with construction goods to field development sites along the Yenisey River as part of Rosneft's Vostok Oil project.
Putin pushes ahead with Arctic projects
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Arctic projects must not be postponed because of sanctions, Putin orders

"We have all the resources and all the opportunities to quickly find alternative solutions," Putin told the participants of the meeting on the development of the Arctic zone.
New sanctions deal fatal blow to Russia's Arctic LNG

New sanctions deal fatal blow to Russia's Arctic LNG

Russia intended to become world leader in liquefied natural gas. The war against Ukraine has torpedoed plans.
Russian Arctic policy collapsing

Big collapse looms over Russian Arctic policy

Energy projects are put on hold and hyped ambitions for the Northern Sea Route increasingly look doomed. At the same time, the country is frozen out of international Arctic cooperation.

Arctic Council “in pause mode”

Arctic Council “in pause mode” as seven of eight member states condemn war

None of the other member states will travel to Russia for meetings in the Arctic Council, which for the current two-year period is chaired by Moscow.
Arctic oil barges go aground in icy Kara Sea

Major disaster averted in icy Kara Sea after two oil barges ran aground

Russia’s Marine Rescue Service describes the unprecedented salvage operation as "extremely difficult" as ice was rapidly building up on the structures of the barges in the freezing cold polar night.