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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Photo by W K on Unsplash

Gavin Newsom’s California budget has billions to fight climate change

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed spending $22 billion on climate, water and wildfire initiatives — and moved to reassert California’s status as an international leader on global warming and other environmental issues.

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Editorial: California Democrats fail to pass meaningful climate change bills

Rather than taking a step forward on legislation that could be revisited and adjusted, the Legislature has developed a habit of forgoing climate action altogether.

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CA wildfire unleashed toxic smoke 150 miles, study says

A study released Monday by the California Air Resources Board said the 2018 Camp Fire subjected area residents to unhealthy levels of particulate matter, zinc, lead and other dangerous chemicals.

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U.S. bill would help plant trees in low-income neighborhoods

In some of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods, lush tree canopies provide shade and improved air quality, while low- and moderate-income areas suffer in the scorching sun.

CA sage grouse bird at risk of extinction

How to save CA sage grouse bird at risk of extinction

Sage grouse have declined dramatically in California. Saving them might require overcoming our fear of chemicals in wild places.
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Mercedes-Benz to pay California in emissions cheating settlement

In another major scandal involving California and nationwide air-pollution standards, Mercedes-Benz and its German parent have been fined $1.5 billion for equipping their diesel cars with illegal software.

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Why California spends billions but is vulnerable to big wildfires

Since Newsom took office in January 2019, the state has spent nearly $500 million expanding Cal Fire's personnel and equipment. Yet the fires seem to keep getting out of control, and experts say they'll continue to roar in the months and years ahead.