sea ice decline

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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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sharply rising ocean temperatures

‘Astounding’ ocean temperatures in 2023 intensified extreme weather, data shows

Record levels of heat were absorbed last year by Earth’s seas, which have been warming year-on-year for the past decade.

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Indigenous Guardians arctic warming
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Indigenous Guardians protect their culture of cold in a heating world

Masked against the Arctic glare in orange-tinted sunglasses, Tad Tulurialik is a modern conservation “Guardian” of his fast-melting homeland.

fossil fuels destabilizing planetary boundaries

Beyond climate: Oil, gas and coal are destabilizing all 9 planetary boundaries

Fossil fuels have done great good for humanity, but they are now not only threatening our planet’s climate, but also taking a terrible toll on the global environment, putting at risk Earth systems vital to life as we know it. Part 1 of a three-part miniseries.
polar bears climate change

Why polar bears are no longer the poster image of climate change

For decades distressed polar bears on distant ice caps were an emblem for climate change – until experts began to doubt the effectiveness of these visuals.
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Greenland’s deteriorating northern ice shelves

A major alarm is flashing under Greenland’s ice

Greenland’s northern ice shelves have lost more than a third of their volume since 1978, new research finds.
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Earth breaching key warming threshold in 2029

In early 2029, Earth will likely lock into breaching key warming threshold, scientists calculate

A new study says that in a little more than five years the world will likely be unable to stay below the internationally agreed temperature limit for global warming if it continues to burn fossil fuels at its current rate.
dangerous environmental tipping points

Can dangerous environmental tipping points be averted?

Solutions need to be implemented before climate, food and water systems are tipped beyond the point of recovery, says a United Nations University report.