sea surface warming

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Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
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Ocean heating record levels

Ocean heating breaks record, again, with disastrous outcomes for the planet

High ocean temperatures are placing a strain on marine life and biological processes while also increasing extreme weather events on land.

climate-driven super storms

Hurricane Otis and the world we live in now

The unexpected Category 5 storm is just the latest in a series of unprecedented climate disasters this year.
Great Barrier Reef ocean warming

With record ocean temps, is the Great Barrier Reef facing catastrophe?

Like the catastrophic Great Barrier Reef bleaching event of 2016, if the current conditions line up just right, “we could lose a huge part of the reef by February,” says guest Dean Miller of the Forever Reef Project, which is now racing to add the final coral specimens to its “biobank.”

cyclone strengthening has doubled since 1971

Pace of cyclone strengthening has doubled since 1971

A study from Rowan University in New Jersey has drawn a connection between the number of rapidly strengthening tropical Atlantic hurricanes in recent years and documented increases in ocean temperatures.
rapid intensification record-breaking hurricanes

What a record-breaking hurricane looks like

Hurricane Lee grew from a category one storm to a category five hurricane in 24 hours. Experts say such storms are more likely in a warming world.
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2023 record-breaking global heat

This summer’s swelter was a global record breaker for high heat ever measured, meteorologists say

The U.N. weather agency says Earth endured its hottest Northern Hemisphere summer ever measured with a record warm August capping a season of brutal and deadly temperatures.
Lobstermen face hypoxia in Outer Cape waters

Lobstermen face hypoxia in Outer Cape waters

Low oxygen levels linked to warmer water spell trouble for local lobsters.