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Climate change: Seasonal shifts causing 'chaos' for UK nature

Climate change is upsetting the regular rhythm of the seasons, making plants and wildlife more susceptible to disease.
Yearly weather patterns are changing

How much can the seasons bend before they break?

Yearly weather patterns are changing. Our traditions need to keep up.
climate change alters land use

Corn harvests in the Yukon? Study finds that climate change will boost likelihood that wilderness gives way to agriculture

As new areas become suitable for planting, researchers predict that vast swaths of biodiversity will be at risk, particularly in northern regions and the tropics.

climate change & heirloom hops

Germany’s oldest hops thrived for centuries. Then came climate change.

Hotter, drier seasons are threatening the traditions of German hops growers, who are fighting to preserve a way of life — and the flavor of your favorite brew.
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Greenland seasonal extremes

On the coast of Greenland, early Arctic spring has been replaced by seasonal extremes, new research shows

In assembling data over 25 years, scientists found plants and animals reaching the limits of their ability to respond to climate variability.

Climate change weather whiplash

Climate change wreaks more havoc on wine growers with spring frost

With a unexpected May frost that followed a very warm stretch, New York's Finger Lakes winemakers are hoping not all is lost for this year's vintage.
Arctic warming biodiversity disruptions
Denali National Park and Preserve/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowedNPS Photo / Alex Vanderstuyf

Just between us squirrels, there might be trouble in the Arctic dating scene

Climate change appears to be disrupting the hibernation of females in the Far North, scientists say, and that could affect mating season.