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US oil company ExxonMobil sues to block investors’ climate proposals
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US oil company ExxonMobil sues to block investors’ climate proposals

The US oil company ExxonMobil has filed a lawsuit to block a vote on a climate resolution brought by a green activist, in move that will be watched closely by fossil fuel companies worldwide.

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Jason Bordoff: As climate change worsens, Big Oil’s support for clean energy is lacking

It seems increasingly evident that the oil industry is unable or unwilling to help chart a path toward a cleaner energy future.
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Climate protesters dragged from Shell shareholder meeting as they rush stage

Climate change protesters were dragged away as they tried to storm the stage at Shell’s shareholder meeting Tuesday, while activist investors added pressure with a resolution demanding the global oil and gas giant beef up its emissions strategy.

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Shell facing more climate change pressure following record profits

Shell will hold its annual general meeting tomorrow and the event is widely expected to be dominated by clashes over the energy giant’s record on climate change.

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Proxy season: Climate-minded shareholder proposals are on the rise, and so is the backlash

Every year, hundreds of shareholder resolutions are introduced with public companies, a way for investors to influence corporate direction. Many are withdrawn after agreements are struck with companies; others are brought for a vote at a company’s annual shareholder meeting.

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This is what Chevron's CEO thinks about climate change

Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth speaks with CNN's Poppy Harlow about the energy company's efforts to deal with climate change and addresses shareholder pushback on going green.