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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Dio Tararrel utah baseball smokestacks
Photo by Damien Perez on Unsplash

Dio Tararrel: Smokestacks at planned stadium site is a perfect metaphor for what Utah is today

When the renderings of a new Major League Baseball ballpark were unveiled this month, the first thing I noticed was something dominating — yet perfectly fitting — in straightaway center field. Three massive brown smokestacks.

London Kelley clean the darn air

London Kelley: Utah’s Clean the Darn Air project has plans for a climate ballot measure

My teen years have been spent knowing that climate change is growing worse, knowing that it would affect me and my friends and family. But I thought that if the U.S. wouldn’t listen to Greta Thunberg, someone who did and fought for so much, then what was the point?

pygmy rabbit extinction climate habitat

World’s smallest rabbit faces possible extinction, groups warn

Several environmental groups filed a petition seeking federal protection for the pygmy rabbit, a tiny ground-dwelling mammal that no occupies just 10% of its range across Utah and the Great Basin.
climate energy efficiency homes

Utah’s largest homebuilder hopes to lead a clean revolution

Ivory Homes, Utah's largest homebuilder, says it will start building all of its homes to Energy Star standards for efficiency and have other energy- and water-saving features.
climate gas tax ev charging

Gas would be cheaper and charging EVs more expensive if this bill passes

Legislation would lower the tax on gasoline and create a new tax on electric-vehicle charging, which critics say is incentivizing polluting vehicles and discouraging clean vehicles.
lds church salt lake climate

How the LDS Church could help the Great Salt Lake survive

A dying Great Salt Lake could make the historic home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uninhabitable. What is the Utah-based faith doing to prevent it — and what do environmentalists think it should do?
utah great salt lake climate

Piping ocean water to save the Great Salt Lake is an expensive, polluting idea, experts say

As recently as last year, Utah lawmakers were floating the idea of piping Pacific Ocean water to save the Great Salt Lake, although it’s unclear whether they’ve consulted actual engineers about what it would take.