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Solar farms could come with a pollinator bonus

New research shows how habitat-friendly solar energy can safeguard insect populations—and improve pollination services on adjacent farms.
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Oregon’s first large-scale solar park and farm hinges on 50-year-old land use laws

A farmer behind the state’s first “agrovoltaic” farm says critics cannot stop ‘an idea whose time has come’.

California solar farms

As California gets drier, solar panels could help farms save water

Agrivoltaics—or on-farm solar arrays—are still rare in California, but experts say the shade they provide could be a game-changer in a state where many farms are struggling to plan for a future with limited groundwater.

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Tim Peake backs idea for solar farms in space as costs fall

Astronaut Maj Peake said the falling cost of launching heavy cargoes into orbit means that complex structures, such as solar power farms, could soon be launched into space, and had the potential to provide significant power.

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Former rubbish dump in Essex becomes UK’s third largest solar farm

The largest solar farm in Europe to be built on a closed landfill site has begun generating renewable electricity from a former rubbish dump in Essex.

Double Black Diamond Solar Farm

Illinois' largest solar farm to power Chicago

Illinois’ largest solar farm is being built thanks to buy-in from the city of Chicago, helping the city’s government meet its climate goals of 100% clean energy by 2025.

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Biden admin launches $11B program to electrify rural America

The Agriculture Department is kicking off the awards process for nearly $11 billion in funding to electrify and decarbonize rural parts of the United States.