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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Solar power growth energy transition
Credit: Gerry Machen/Flickr

Solar power's unstoppable rise: a new dawn in global energy

In a groundbreaking study, scientists assert that solar energy has reached a pivotal tipping point, ensuring its rapid and irreversible global proliferation.

Simrin Sirur reports for Mongabay.

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minnesota solar incentives
Image by Maria Godfrida from Pixabay

Minnesota adjusts solar incentives to prioritize low-income households

A new law requires Xcel Energy to dedicate half of its Solar Rewards program budget to income-qualified customers, a category that includes schools and nonprofits.
solar-panel backlash

The solar-panel backlash is here

On sunny days, some states can waste lots of clean energy. Their response has been to make panels less affordable.
Georgia Power fossil fuels

Georgia Power asks for state OK to tap more fossil fuels to meet demand it failed to forecast

Environmentalists concerned about Georgia Power electricity plans to add 30% more fossil fuels natural gas energy.
northernmost coal power plant shuts down
Bernt Rostad/Flickr

World’s northernmost coal power plant shuts down

Longyearbyen at Svalbard switches from coal to diesel and halves the emission of CO2.
eco-friendly extra-strong glass

The eco-friendly glass that's hard to crack

Scientists have developed an extremely strong glass which is less energy intensive to make than regular glass.
solar energy climate hydrogen
Photo by Mischa Frank on Unsplash

Rooftop panel could make hydrogen fuel cheap—and commonplace

Solar panels are a wonderful way to capture the sun’s energy for electric power. Another way to use solar energy, fast-gaining traction around the world, is to drive chemical reactions with it and create fuels.