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After a year of rain, towns at the end of Australia’s giant river system await the slow, inevitable deluge

The earth is saturated, and the water has nowhere to go, and so it continues its inexorable path through the Murray-Darling Basin.

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Image by Gbates94 from Pixabay

Modelling shows hotter days and less rain for South Australia to 2050 and beyond

New climate modelling shows South Australia is in for hotter days more often, declining rain but with heavier falls, and more severe fire conditions.

Single-use plastic bans

Single-use plastic plates and bowls and cotton buds next to be banned in South Australia

A wide range of single-use plastic products will be banned in South Australia over the next three years, the state government says. 
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Calls for more water buybacks to sustain Murray Darling Basin as government continues to fall short of target

Hopes that environment-saving water will be delivered through the Murray-Darling Basin plan are evaporating rapidly.

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Australia was the first casualty of the big blackout lie blaming wind power – the US could be next

Deeper efforts to fight misinformation, including from traditional media outlets, must be made. And climate resilience must be baked into every plan to transition.

Temperatures top 47C (116F) amid ongoing Australian fire crisis - as it happened

Temperatures top 47C (116F) amid ongoing Australian fire crisis - as it happened

BoM data says Tuesday’s 40.9C was the hottest average maximum across the whole country ever recorded. This blog is now closed
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'Shell shock': Kangaroo Island struggles to recover amid bushfire grief and Covid-19

Almost half of the island was incinerated in January and just as the locals were catching their breath from one disaster, the coronavirus outbreak hit.