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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Global warming means more female sea turtles but threatens the species

Warmer, darker sands from beach renourishment and climate change hatches more female sea turtles but that threatens the species' long-term survival.

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Study: Climate change will wipe out 81 of 154 bat species

More than half of North America’s bat species are likely to diminish significantly as climate change, disease and habitat loss take their toll, scientists warned Monday.

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Extinct-in-the-wild species in conservation limbo

Biodiversity loss has reached crisis proportions not seen since an errant asteroid as big across as Paris smashed into Earth 66 million years ago, wiping out land dinosaurs and ending the Cretaceous period.

Australian species extinction threats
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Researchers find 26 Australian species recovered from the brink of extinction

Several wildlife species have recovered to the point where they no longer should be considered threatened, researchers find, but they warn many more are under threat from habitat destruction and climate change.
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Moving species emerges as last resort as climate warms

In a desperate effort to save a seabird species in Hawaii from rising ocean waters, scientists are moving chicks to a new island hundreds of miles away. Moving species to save them — once considered taboo — is quickly gaining traction as climate change upends habitats.
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Species to watch in 2023

This will be a critical year for several endangered and threatened species, as well as a time of opportunity for others.
205 lesser prairie chickens relocated to Colorado largely disappearing

205 lesser prairie chickens relocated to Colorado largely disappearing

Among America’s iconic native birds, the lesser prairie chicken can be especially hard to spot as it hides behind shrubs, only popping out before sunrise in spring for flamboyant mating dance…