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As Sri Lanka floods swell with climate change, so does human-crocodile conflict

Sri Lanka is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, with long drought spells, receiving intense rain during a shorter period with a marked increase in flood events.During flooding, crocodiles inhabiting rivers tend to reach land and move closer to human settlements, increasing the risk of encounters with people.

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In a world of climate risks, Sri Lanka is finding ways to adapt

In a landscape of interconnected and mutually compounding risks, climate change has emerged as a key risk factor for Sri Lanka, specifically for vulnerable sectors and groups.

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Sweltering heat wave hits Sri Lanka; climate change will likely bring more

As a heat wave sweeps across Asia, Sri Lanka continues to issue heat warnings to the public as the country experiences much higher than normal temperatures coupled with high humidity and threatening health impacts.

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Updated red list raises red flags for Sri Lanka’s birds, especially endemics

Sri Lanka has published its latest assessment of the conservation status of birds, showing a worrying increase in the number of species considered threatened since the last assessment was published in 2012.

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Report sums up wealth of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity — and the threats it faces

A new report identifies the main threats to biodiversity in Sri Lanka — river diversion, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, overexploitation, and climate change — as well as updates the catalog of the island’s wealth of plant and animal life.

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Sri Lanka pledges no new coal, makes push into rooftop solar

In its latest climate plan, Sri Lanka is ruling out new coal power and aiming to reach 70 percent clean electricity by 2030, an important milestone on its way to reaching its goal of a carbon-neutral electricity generation system by 2050.

A decade after Deepwater Horizon, we're still cleaning up oil spills the same way

A decade after Deepwater Horizon, we're still cleaning up oil spills the same way

A sinking boat off the coast of Sri Lanka is about to spill tons of oil into the ocean. The cleeanup will uses the same, ineffective techniques as the major oil spills before it. But there are better solutions.