sustainable farming

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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
community gardening movement seed libraries

Free seed libraries illustrate the power of this community gardening movement

If disasters ever cause shortages on supermarket shelves, Psaltis Cauley and passionate volunteers like her are set to support local food security with a precious seed bank of hardy and heirloom variety vegetables.
rewilding ireland ecological health

Call of the rewild: restoring ecological health to the Emerald Isle

Centuries of overgrazing and deforestation have eliminated most native flora in Ireland, creating what ecologists see as a man-made desert in places. A growing “rewilding” push aims to change that.
sustainable açaí cultivation

At the mouth of the Amazon, sustainable açaí leaves a sweet taste for communities

Residents of the Bailique Archipelago, which lies at the mouth of the Amazon River, established a community protocol to promote their traditional açaí cultivation and strengthen their cultural identity.

Sustainable farming with satellite tech

Sustainable farming has an unlikely ally: satellites

Growers are using images taken from space to quantify how much carbon is stored in their soil and validate the credits they’re selling.
peated compost alternatives

Is there a good alternative to peated compost?

Harvesting peat is highly unsustainable – but gardeners love it. Could we replace it with something better?
indoor vertical farming

Are indoor vertical farms really ‘future-proofing agriculture’?

Heralded as the next step in food production, this practice is gaining ground in the US. But are they really a greener alternative to traditional farming?
Kenyan farmers swap tobacco for beans

Kenyan farmers swap tobacco for beans

Over 100 Kenyan tobacco farmers took part in a government-backed project to plant sustainable crops instead of the usual tobacco plants. Their first harvest so far already yielded 135 tons of high-iron beans.