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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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recycled coffee grounds sustainable cement

Australian scientists add recycled coffee grounds to cement

Scientists are trying to make concrete stronger and more sustainable by adding coffee grounds to the mix. Initial results are promising, but questions about scale remain.
carbon neutral corporate greenwashing

Apple goes a step too far in claiming a carbon neutral product, a new report concludes

The maker of the iPhone is a leader in efforts to reduce the climate impact of its products, but a recent claim about its new line of Apple Watches may be “climate-wash,” a Chinese environmental research organization says.

Allegheny County air quality

Allegheny County exec race comes as air quality decisions loom

The rival nominees for Allegheny County executive disagree on whether to frack and industry's role in air quality, among other things.
Bangladesh apparel industry ‘eco-friendly’ manufacturing

Bangladesh apparel industry makes progress in ‘eco-friendly’ manufacturing

In the last 15 years, Bangladesh has set an example of green and sustainable manufacturing by establishing numerous certified green factories.

greener production processes for tires

Can tires turn green?

Tire manufacturers are adopting greener production processes and more renewable materials, but they have yet to get a grip on tire particle pollution.

sustainable energy scotch whiskey
Ank Kumar/Flickr

In Scotland, making whisky with energy from wind, wood chips and tides

Scotland's whisky industry is trying to go net-zero. It's not easy.
sustainable outdoor clothing

Greenwashing is a problem. Rab might have the solution.

Rab reveals new product labels to fight greenwashing, challenges other outdoor companies to follow suit.