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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Image by simon_ramone from Pixabay

Dead fish are popping up along beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, officials say. Here's why

This week, Texas beachgoers along the Gulf Coast may have observed a startling sight along the coastlines: possibly thousands of dead fish washed up on the sand.

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Three states with climate legislation to watch

Minnesota and Maine are pursuing ambitious policies and Illinois is looking at a gas stove warning label.
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The next labor secretary will face a big shortage of clean-energy workers

The construction and manufacturing sectors are short hundreds of thousands of workers.
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A rare blizzard hits California as summerlike heat roasts the eastern U.S.

An astonishing smorgasbord of extreme weather gripped the U.S. last week, with blizzards and epic snows in the West and Northern Plains, a deadly ice storm in the Midwest, and summerlike heat in the East and South.

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Hurricanes are changing with the climate. Our words about them may need to change, too

Although scientists have fine-tuned their forecasts, dramatically slicing hurricane track errors in half since the days of Hurricane Andrew, and more recently enlisting social science teams to tailor-make forecast graphics, our language and terminology are miring communications in the past.

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The 2023 farm bill should be a climate bill, Democrats say

Agriculture accounts for about 11 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, so the sector can play a key role in addressing climate change.