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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Barents Sea rising sea levels
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"It demonstrates the potential enormity of the problems society may face over the coming centuries" UiT scientists on the new data from the Barents Sea.

New Barents Sea study points to how global sea level will continue to rise.
thawing permafrost contamination pollution climate
Photo by Vince Gx on Unsplash

Thawing permafrost may release industrial pollutants at Arctic sites

There are thousands of contaminated sites in the Arctic, and as permafrost thaws, increased pollutants from these areas could be released, says a recent study.
Equinor postpones decision on northernmost oil field

Equinor postpones decision on northernmost oil field

Environmental organizations rejoice as the Norwegian oil company and its partners announce a postponement of an investment decision on oil project Wisting.
Russian Arctic coal

Russian Arctic coal is looking for way out of sanctions

The launch of coal mining at the far northern Taymyr Peninsula was to lead to a boost in exports through the Northern Sea Route. Now, mining company Severnaya Zvezda instead seeks new markets and ways to replace sanctioned technology.
Red king crab migrate north

Red king crab might migrate to north and east Barents Sea

A new study predicts that Red King Crab populations will not only grow in size in the near future but will also take up a much larger area in the Barents Sea.
climate arctic collapse

The looming Arctic collapse: More than 40% of north Russian buildings are starting to crumble

The heat is on, and it is hitting the Arctic with detrimental consequence. Global warming is now leading to quick and irreversible change in the North. And Russia is among the ones worst affected.

time expiring Russian Arctic oil

Russian Arctic oil races against time

"Extract as much as you can," the country's top energy legislator says. But time might be about to run out for new major oil and gas projects on the Russian Arctic shelf.