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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Credit: Felton Davis/Flickr

New evidence shows rapid melting of Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

Scientists have found that the glacier is melting at an alarming rate due to warm seawater intrusions.

Doyle Rice reports for USA Today.

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Icefin robot explores doomsday glacier

A robot finds more trouble under the doomsday glacier

Underneath thousands of feet of Thwaites Glacier’s solid ice, a bot filmed peculiar features, where melting is much faster. It’s an ominous sign for rising sea levels.
Thwaites Glacier Antarctica thawing
Felton Davis/Flickr

Journey to the Doomsday Glacier

Thwaites could reshape the world’s coastlines. But how do you study one of the world’s most inaccessible places?
Please stop calling it the 'Doomsday Glacier'

Please stop calling it the 'Doomsday Glacier'

Losing Thwaites Glacier would be troubling, but the overly alarming nickname might do more harm than good.
antarctica climate history impacts

35 million year old data could unlock future of Antarctica

Scientists have unravelled the secrets of a period 35 million years ago when Earth cooled rapidly, leaving Antarctica shrouded in ice. The findings could help to predict the unstable future of the West Antarctic ice sheet, researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute say.

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Canadian scientist examines melting Antarctic glacier, potential sea level rise

The Arctic sea ice has suffered devastating loss and has shrunk to its second lowest on record. Melting sea ice is just one of many signs of a warming climate in the North. Emanuela Campanella explains how climate change is rapidly transforming the Arctic Circle.

Antarctica's doomsday Thwaites glacier

Antarctica's doomsday glacier: How doomed are we?

Two new papers offer radically different predictions of the glacier's future — and thus for the future of low-lying cities around the world. Here's how to understand the divergent projections.