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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Lough Neagh
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Lough Neagh: How climate change intensified toxic algae on the UK’s largest lake

Lough Neagh – a lake in Northern Ireland that is larger than the country of Malta – has been plagued by blue-green algae that can negatively impact humans, plants and animals.

toxic sludge UK rivers

Rivers are drowning in toxic sludge

Harmful algal blooms are taking over as the world warms and grows richer in carbon dioxide—and there’s no easy fix.
Florida toxic algae blooms

Craig Pittman: How one Florida city beat its stigma as a stinky town

Jax’s pollution fight offers a lesson about ridding ourselves of toxic algae blooms.

Morningside Park toxic algae

A Manhattan park with a troubled history is a promising site for algae research

The artificial pond in Morningside Park, on the site where Columbia University once tried to build a gym, has been covered with toxic algae for years.
toxic algae sea lion aggression
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California algae bloom is making sea lions aggressive, researchers say

Hundreds of aggravated sea lions have emerged on Southern California beaches after consuming toxic algae, researchers say.
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Danger looms where toxic algae blooms

There is nothing attractive about Lake Erie’s annual algal bloom, or the harmful blooms that now contaminate so many of America’s iconic waters, among them the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Champlain, and California’s Clear Lake.

Toxic red tide kills 'uncountable' numbers of fish in the Bay Area

Toxic red tide kills 'uncountable' numbers of fish in the Bay Area

A harmful algal bloom in the San Francisco Bay is killing fish, sharks and stingrays. Some are washing ashore.