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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Justice coke company water pollution

Justice coke company sued by Alabama groups over longstanding water pollution concerns

Two Alabama environmental nonprofit groups have sued a company in Gov. Jim Justice’s family business empire with a long history of water pollution violations over what they say are coal sediment discharges that “suffocate” waterways.

Kalamazoo River restoration PCB settlement

Kalamazoo River restoration projects to use $27M in PCB settlements

Public comment sought on list of 14 projects to remove dams and improve riparian habitats.
Experts warn of 'dead zone' in Chesapeake Bay from pollution

Experts warn of 'dead zone' in Chesapeake Bay from pollution

As negotiations drag on, the lack of agreement about curbing runoff pollutants following the wettest year on record imperils hard-won gains in restoring the Chesapeake Bay.