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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Caribbean looks to Trudeau to put quest for climate change funding on the world's agenda

Caribbean leaders are meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, hoping Canada will place its concerns on the international agenda– among them climate change and Haiti.
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Image by EnviroHope1 from Pixabay

More international teams arrive to fight Canada wildfires

Portugal became the latest country to send a contingent of firefighters to Canada on Wednesday as the country faces its worst ever start to the wildfire season. The blazes have already destroyed 13m acres of forest, while Prime minister Justin Trudeau has warned that fires are likely to become increasingly common due to climate change.

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Trudeau’s plan to fight climate change: A reality check

The federal government failed to spend billions of dollars it pledged on a host of climate change initiatives in recent years, raising questions about one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s core policy commitments and the massive funding publicly devoted to it.
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Trudeau calls for more EVs and doesn't rule out nuclear power

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he wants to make it easier for more Canadians to drive electric vehicles and he isn't ruling out nuclear power as a cleaner source of energy.
Sifting through mud, flooded Canadians fear next disaster

Sifting through mud, flooded Canadians fear next disaster

Washed-out roads and destroyed bridges are just some of the devastation afflicting residents of the western province and could signal what climate change will bring in the future.
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British Columbia's flooding is worse because of climate change

After a summer of deadly heat and uncontrolled wildfires, British Columbia was hit by record rainfalls that forced the evacuation of towns and destroyed highways and rail lines.

Canada emissions cap facing stiff oil & gas opposition

Trudeau promised to cap emissions, but Canada’s oil and gas companies have different plans

A new analysis shows the climate plans of eight Canadian oil and gas producers are 'wholly out of line' with Canada's climate goals.