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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Republican infrastructure offer slashes Biden electric vehicle spending

Republican senators unveiled a counteroffer on infrastructure to President Joe Biden on Thursday that would make deep cuts to his proposed spending for electric vehicles, weakening a central component of the administration's broader plans to combat climate change.

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Infrastructure: GOP Sen. Roy Blunt calls on Biden to slash plan to $615 billion

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri urged the Biden administration to cut the $2 trillion infrastructure plan to roughly $615 billion and focus on rebuilding physical infrastructure.

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Democrats decry 'pandemic of pollution' under Trump's EPA

Democrats on Wednesday blasted the Trump administration's moves to roll back environmental regulations during the coronavirus crisis, with one senator saying a "pandemic of pollution'' has been released.

UN to release new report detailing how climate change impacts land, food

UN to release new report detailing how climate change impacts land, food

The United Nations body focused on climate change is set to release a new report detailing research about the relationship between climate change and land on Thursday.