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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Florida anti-climate legislation
Banks continue funding fossil fuels despite global climate agreements
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Russia–Ukraine war leaves scientists struggling to investigate Arctic changes

The study of how climate change has affected the Arctic is being hampered due to missing data resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Azerbaijan is expected to host the U.N. Climate Summit in 2024

The next United Nations climate change summit appears set to take place in Azerbaijan, a spokesman for the country said Saturday, resolving a bitter, monthslong political standoff over which nation should host the talks in 2024.

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Leaders agree on G20 declaration, but it’s unlikely to drive change on Ukraine War and climate change

As the hosts of the G20 tried to steer discussions towards other issues, the Ukraine war still dominated, reinforcing the deep global divisions.
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There’s a battle over carbon emerging from the war in Ukraine

Putting a figure on the carbon emissions tied to Russia’s invasion might help people outside of Ukraine understand the massive stakes of the conflict and care more about it.

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War in Ukraine is worsening effects of climate change, Kerry says

The forced movement of people, the destruction of agricultural land and the increased instability are being felt in Ukraine and beyond, said John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy.
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African concerns mount as West pours aid into Ukraine

African countries are casting a worried eye as the West pumps aid into Ukraine, sensing a retreat in pledges to help their development and fight climate change.
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Experts agree: Climate change is a weapon of mass destruction

As both the intelligence community and the insurance industry name global warming as a top threat, U.S. states give aid and comfort to the enemy.