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Judges' interpretations of the law significantly impact climate policy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Houston tackles cleanup after Gulf Coast storm damages city
Earth stays above 1.5°C warming for a year
alaska mountains moose river
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In Alaska, Tribal Governments Push for Larger Conservation Role

To preserve their food supply, Native Alaskans are teaming up with federal officials and state scientists.
millet farming food climate
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As Farmers Face a Warmer Future, an Ancient Grain Shows Promise

The Midwest is known for its rows and rows of corn and soybeans that uniformly cover the landscape. But in central Missouri, farmer Linus Rothermich disrupts the usual corn and soybean rotation with Japanese millet. He has been growing it since 1993.

extinct insects biodiversity climate
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Discovered in collections, many new species are already gone

Scientists are increasingly seeing evidence of “dark extinction” in museums and botanical garden collections.
oil drilling california
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The steep cost of cleaning up California’s oil sites

A recent study estimates that the cost of onshore clean up could be triple the industry’s projected profits.

Mapping flood risk for Nigeria's internally displaced people

Mapping flood risk for Nigeria's internally displaced people

Having escaped Boko Haram, IDPs now face the threat of rain as destructive storms swamp settlement camps.
tidal power sea level rise climate
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As sea levels rise, tidal power becomes a moving target

To pull power from the waves, strong currents or a large tidal range are needed. Rising seas may change both.
california reservoir climate drought water rain

Will California get enough rain to fill its pricey new reservoir?

Named for the small community it will eventually inundate, the Sites Reservoir will divert water from the Sacramento River during high flow conditions via two existing canals and a new pumping station.