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Vermont debates new climate compensation bill targeting fossil fuel firms

Vermont debates new climate compensation bill targeting fossil fuel firms

Vermont is considering a groundbreaking bill that would use a "Superfund" model to recover costs from fossil fuel companies for climate-related damages, reflecting a shift toward climate adaptation.

Olivia Gieger reports for Inside Climate News.

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States consider a Superfund for climate change to penalize Big Oil

Vermont joins three northeastern states in trying to make the fossil fuel industry pay for the damages wrought by climate change.
july flooding waste water
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July flooding pulled nutrients, waste into Vermont's waters — and climate change is making it worse

At the peak of the flooding in July, more than 4 billion gallons of water flowed into Lake Champlain every hour carrying fuel oil, mercury, diesel, and phosphorus from upstream communities.
climate havens
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Finding climate havens

How do you know whether a location is better suited for dealing with climate change than the place you live now? Experts point to two major factors.

vermont climate impacts
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Vermont’s flood-wracked capital city ponders a rebuild with one eye on climate change

The gutted shops, restaurants and businesses that lend downtown Montpelier its charm are considering where and how to rebuild in an era when extreme weather is occurring more often.

Vermont climate resilience
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Vermont was seen as a climate haven. This summer has complicated that image.

Catastrophic flooding, wildfire smoke and shuttered beaches have pushed Vermonters to reexamine the state’s reputation as a refuge from the worst effects of climate change.
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Mark Gongloff: How climate change threatens us, even here in Pittsburgh

We can’t let the size of the challenge keep overwhelming our capacity to solve it.