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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Warm winter leads to a significant decrease in road salt usage in Michigan

Michigan experiences a reduction in road salt application, benefiting budgets and the environment.

Kelly House reports for Bridge Michigan.

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Argentina's Paraná delta under threat
Credit: Christian Ostrosky/Flickr

Argentina's wetlands under threat from new development projects

In Argentina's Paraná delta, known as "Earth's fourth lung," the push for luxury real estate threatens the region's diverse ecosystems and local communities, with private interests prioritizing spas and helipads over environmental and social health.

Harriet Barber reports for The Guardian.

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factory farms CAFO pollution
Credit: Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program/Flickr

Wisconsin judge affirms regulators can force factory farms to get preemptive pollution permits

A Wisconsin judge has affirmed that regulators can force factory farms to obtain permits before they discharge pollutants into state waters.
illegal amazon gold mining
Credit: Carsten ten Brink/Flickr

The battle against illegal goldmining in the Amazon – in pictures

A year after Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, declared a humanitarian crisis among the Yanomami and vowed zero tolerance for illegal mining, environmental enforcers have said the progress since the ousting from the reservation of 80% of the wildcat miners is in jeopardy.

tar sands oilseeds air pollution
Credit: Jason Woodhead/Flickr

Canada’s tar sands are a much larger source of air pollution than previously thought, study says

The research, published in Science, found the oil operations are releasing vast quantities of compounds that can cause localized air pollution and form damaging particles that can travel across the continent.
shell's legacy of pollution in Nigeria
Credit: Sosialistisk Ungdom (SU)/Flickr

Shell to divest Nigerian onshore oil operations amid environmental concerns

Shell's proposal, if approved without restrictions by the Nigerian government, could limit the oil giant's liability for decades of environmental pollution.

Taiwo Adebayo reports for Associated Press.

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Brazilian Amazon freshwater threats
Credit: Eduardo Giacomazzi/Flickr

The waters of the Xingu: A source of life at risk of death

In Xingu Indigenous Park in the Brazilian Amazon, rivers and lakes are natural arteries that provide life for animals and Indigenous communities, serving as a base for eating, bathing, social interaction and refuge in times of drought.