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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Texas rancher battles orphaned oil wells

Texas rancher battles orphaned oil wells

Texas rancher Schuyler Wight is taking a stand against the pollution caused by orphaned oil and gas wells that is endangering both his ranch and the state's environment.

Elliott Woods reports for Capital & Main.

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Louisiana panel blocks new water wells over salt concerns

State regulators rejected three new wells amid concerns that more pumping could cause underground saltwater to contaminate Baton Rouge-area drinking water — despite arguments that the extra capacity is needed.

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A tangle of rules to protect America’s water is falling short

The Times asked all 50 states how they police the use of valuable groundwater. Their answers reveal why the country is draining and damaging its aquifers so rapidly.
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Fracking for oil and gas is devouring American groundwater

Hiroko Tabuchi and Blacki Migliozzi share a New York Times analysis showing that increasingly complex oil and gas wells now require astonishing volumes of water to fracture the bedrock and release fossil fuels, threatening America’s fragile aquifers.

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Aubrey Bertram: Bureau of Land Management rule will protect public lands from contamination, neglect

The amount of public lands available for oil and gas leasing is just one glaring indication among many that the Department of the Interior has, for far too long, favored private interests over the American public.

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Pa. advocates say more scrutiny needed over well-plugging money

Some environmental advocates are calling for more scrutiny of how federal money is being spent to clean up orphan oil and gas wells.

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Floods may taint more water in California farm towns

Nitrate contamination of well water has been a decades-long problem in the San Joaquin and Salinas valleys — and now stormwater has flushed more fertilizer and manure into aquifers.