Drought, dry conditions push Lake Mead to lowest level on record

Drought, dry conditions push Lake Mead to lowest level on record

Lake Mead is 29 percent full, the lowest level since it was originally filled more than 80 years ago
Sunrise in the woods

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1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm
Teddy Chen/UN Photo

Dykstra: The Earth Summit to end all Earth Summits

In 1972, world leaders had gathered in Stockholm in an unprecedented acknowledgement that we were running into trouble. The gathering hammered out a weighty Statement of Principles. It was the first draft of an owner’s manual for planet Earth, but it left much to do.

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A battery shortage is hampering the U.S. switch to wind, solar power

A battery shortage is hampering the U.S. switch to wind, solar power

At least a dozen storage projects meant to support growing renewable energy supplies have been postponed, canceled or renegotiated.
War spurs fossil fuel "gold rush"

Russel L. Honorée: Moment of truth for FERC on environmental and climate justice

FERC regulates every interstate gas pipeline and every gas export terminal. Its decisions can help or hurt residents of Louisiana, Texas and elsewhere who are affected by local pollution; and by residents of the entire world who must be protected from climate pollution.

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Colorado fracking

Colorado is the first state to ban PFAS in oil and gas extraction

The toxic “forever chemicals” are used in fracking wells across the country.

gun control

Peter Dykstra: Gun and climate change delusions

Millions here suffer from twin hallucinations: Guns don’t cause our mass shootings, and the climate isn’t changing.

Op-ed: An engine for social justice leads the way to change

Engine for social justice leads to change

Virginia Organizing's 27-year history as a role model for The Daily Climate

Using comedy to combat climate change

Using comedy to combat climate change

The Climate Comedy Cohort aims to help comedians infuse climate activism into their creative work.

roe v. wade

Derrick Z. Jackson: Roe v. Wade draft bodes ill for air, wetlands and the EPA

Justice Alito’s longstanding consistency in wanting to restrict EPA authority makes it transparent where he wants the court to go.

solar power schools

Solar power at Pennsylvania schools doubled during the pandemic

“If this growth continues, schools could set Pennsylvania up as a clean energy leader and not just the fossil fuels we’re known for.”

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