Tapped Out: New Orleans drinking water testing procedures don’t follow gov’t regulations

Data analysis shows Sewerage and Water Board employees have apparently falsified New Orleans water testing records filed with the state.
Senator Whitehouse & climate change

Senator Whitehouse puts climate change on budget committee’s agenda

For more than a decade, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave daily warnings about the mounting threat of climate change. Now he has a powerful new perch.
clean energy bill
Photo by Peter Beukema on Unsplash

Why Michigan’s clean energy bill is a really big deal

Michigan is set to become the third state in the Midwest and twelfth in the country to require a shift to clean electricity. Of all those states, Michigan is one of the most ambitious because of the extent of the change it is making.

Alberta oil sands
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Alberta’s current carbon tax scheme is an unfair sham

Thanks to special treatment, oilsands emitters pay far less than average Canadians.
irrigation canal
Image by Pascvii from Pixabay

Historic claims give these California families guaranteed access to Colorado River water

Twenty families in the Imperial Valley received a whopping 386.5 billion gallons of the river’s water last year — more than three Western states. Century-old water rights guarantee that supply.
heat pump

Heat pump installations slow, impeding Biden’s climate goals

The devices can heat and cool homes more efficiently than furnaces and air-conditioners, but their sales have slowed because of higher interest rates and a slow rollout of federal incentives.
virginia capitol
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With Democrats back in control of Virginia’s General Assembly, environmentalists see a narrow path forward for climate policy

New Democratic majorities in the Senate and House of Delegates aren’t nearly big enough to override vetoes by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, described by one Democrat as “mostly hostile to climate policy.” But Democrats will control the regulation of utilities.

man writing on paper
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Biden finalizes significant overhaul in federal regulations

New rules from the Office of Management and Budget will change how the federal government weighs costs, enabling new efforts on climate change and poverty.
From our Newsroom
environmental justice

LISTEN: Carlos Gould on wildfire smoke and our health

“Information matters a lot — trying to explain not just that there’s a problem, but how to do something about it.”

fracking PFAS

“Forever chemicals” in Pennsylvania fracking wells could impact health of surrounding communities: Report

More than 5,000 wells in the state were injected with 160 million pounds of undisclosed, “trade-secret” chemicals, which potentially include PFAS.

800,000 tons of radioactive waste from Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry has gone “missing”

800,000 tons of radioactive waste from Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry has gone “missing”

Poor recordkeeping on hazardous waste disposal points to potential for bigger problems, according to a new study.

drought climate farming

Opinion: Climate change and soil loss — the new Dust Bowl?

How we can save our soil, stabilize the climate, and prevent a new Dust Bowl.

climate change health care

Severe flooding increasingly cutting people off from health care

Many more Americans will find themselves regularly cut off from essential services, rescue workers and health care long before water actually reaches their homes, a recent study predicts.

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