(From Denial-ville):  Climate change frenzy clouds our judgment

Climate change is crowding out concern for, and resources from, all sorts of other problems that have far more immediate effects.

Report: Climate change 'threat multiplier' on Detroit River, Lake Erie

Climate change "amplifies the threat of other threats" along the vital water corridor, said John Hartig, a visiting University of Windsor scholar.

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As Miami keeps building, rising seas deepen its social divide

Ignoring sea level rise and intensifying flooding, Miami has continued to build luxury real estate near the water at a rapid pace. But as developers eye higher ground, communities of color will likely bear the heaviest burden from the changes wrought by climate change.

Denver wants to fix a legacy of environmental racism

Historically, trees and city parks in America go to wealthy, white neighborhoods. Now, a program in Colorado’s capital is trying to correct that injustice.

Arctic science cannot afford a new cold war

As Russia prepares to take the helm of the Arctic Council, polar communities need regional powers to forge warmer ties.

A surprise in the presidential debate

The questions Mr. Wallace asked about climate change were pointed and specific, though the answers were less so.


Larry J. Schweiger: Controlling climate pollution in Pennsylvania

Anyone witnessing record-breaking fires, unprecedented floods, and droughts can see we are facing a climate crisis.

Zimbabwe: Rural women adopt small grains to mitigate climate change effects

Grappling with hunger and food insecurity is one of the major challenges that global communities, and Zimbabwe in particular, have been experiencing since the 1990s.