Dissolving in Toxic Oceans: How an Ancient Extinction Happened - The New York Times

Dissolving in Toxic Oceans: How an Ancient Extinction Happened - The New York Times

Scientists say rocks on the English coast contain clues of the processes that drove the end-Triassic event that killed as much as a quarter of all life on Earth.

'Flash droughts' are Midwest's next big climate threat

Fast-moving droughts are developing more and more quickly as climate change pushes temperatures to new extremes.

Sunrise in the woods

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Soil is a finite resource and a program helps farmers prevent erosion

Agriculture in the U.S. accounts for 10% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. And yet, polls show most traditional farmers don't believe they contribute to climate change.

Food insecurity haunts the debates at the COP15 on desertification

In Africa, where agriculture employs about 60% of the working population according to the World Bank, the risks of food insecurity are increasingly worrying.

Mideast sandstorms snarl traffic, close schools, harm health

Sandstorms across the Middle East have delayed flights, closed schools and hospitalised thousands -- a phenomenon experts say could worsen as climate change warps regional weather patterns.

Pakistan's water woes to worsen with climate change

Highlighting that the Himalayan glaciers have lost more mass since 2000 than in the entire twentieth century, a report by a Washington-based institute said that water scarcity in Pakistan is projected to worsen with climate change.

How a return to deficit politics helps Biden's climate push

Deficit politics are back. But that development isn’t necessarily a deal-killer for climate policies.

From victims to claimants: Mobilizing the IPCC Assessment for climate justice

Poor and marginalized communities worldwide, and island nations especially, have contributed the least to the climate crisis, but are nonetheless impacted the most by it.

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environmental justice

Op-Ed: Black gold and the color line

How historical racist redlining practices are linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells.

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

We asked you to share one "big lesson" your mother gave. And you responded

Lake Mead

Dykstra: A corpse in a barrel in a drying reservoir

And other climate change tales for our age

A mother's gift

Gifts from our mothers

What one "big gift" did your mother give you? We want your story.

Bird photography

Earth Day 2022: Amidst the crises, don’t forget the beauty

Words and images from our founder, Pete Myers, on how bird photography keeps him connected to and curious about a planet in peril.

fracking pennsylvania

Public health in Pennsylvania ignored during fracking rush: Report

A new report outlines the alleged missteps in protecting Pennsylvanians from the health impacts of fracking.

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