Jim Bridenstine, Trump’s next NASA administrator, has no background in science

Jim Bridenstine, Trump’s next NASA administrator, has no background in science

Jim Bridenstine’s confirmation has been controversial — even among members of his own party.

Yes, the drought really is that bad

The Western U.S. is experiencing its longest continuous streak of dry years since 800 A.D.
Sunrise in the woods

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What the rise of craft sake says about farming, climate, and culture

Author Nancy Matsumoto discusses heirloom rice varieties, climate change impacts on the sake industry, and why it may be on the verge of an international renaissance.

David Von Drehle: The Ford all-electric F-150 is set to transform American car culture

With Ford's breakthrough, U.S. researchers and manufacturers will need to get cracking to create a robust battery industry.

Biden administration begins easing restrictions on Venezuelan oil

The move, which will allow Chevron to begin negotiating with the government of Nicolás Maduro, is aimed at promoting talks between the Venezuelan government and the U.S.-backed opposition.

A California vineyard takes the next step in regenerative agriculture

A California site takes the next step in regenerative viticulture, demonstrating the value of animals in the vines, even during the growing season.

A boxed set for the birds hopes to save them, too

A star-studded, 242-track trove of songs and poems inspired by birdsong is the latest project in a series of releases raising awareness about its own threatened sources.
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environmental justice

Op-Ed: Black gold and the color line

How historical racist redlining practices are linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells.

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

We asked you to share one "big lesson" your mother gave. And you responded

Lake Mead

Dykstra: A corpse in a barrel in a drying reservoir

And other climate change tales for our age

A mother's gift

Gifts from our mothers

What one "big gift" did your mother give you? We want your story.

Bird photography

Earth Day 2022: Amidst the crises, don’t forget the beauty

Words and images from our founder, Pete Myers, on how bird photography keeps him connected to and curious about a planet in peril.

fracking pennsylvania

Public health in Pennsylvania ignored during fracking rush: Report

A new report outlines the alleged missteps in protecting Pennsylvanians from the health impacts of fracking.

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