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restoration industries heal ravaged economies

Can ravaged economies be healed with a restoration industry?

Cleaning up the West could prove to be as lucrative as the extractive industries that wrecked it.
Interior Department calls for mine cleanup proposals

U.S. Interior Department calls for states to submit mine cleanup proposals

The department officially opened a notice of funding opportunity, which gives states the avenue to request federal grants to close mine shafts, prevent the release of methane and other gases and treat acidic mine drainage. 
marmora’s mine pit offers renewable energy

Marmora’s mine pit offers renewable energy and new life in eastern Ontario

Long an open crater, the former Marmoraton mine may become a hydroelectric battery surrounded by a re-wilded outdoor recreation site.

Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park toxic past
Jen Goellnitz/ Flickr

It was a toxic wasteland. Now it’s a national park.

After a $50 million cleanup, flowers and wildlife replace chemicals and rusting cars in one corner of Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Coal mines in Alberta

Coal mines in Alberta: what has (and hasn’t) changed

As the province announces another about-face on coal policy, here are eight things that still haven’t changed when it comes to coal mining in Alberta’s Rockies.

Cleanup of abandoned coal mines

Cleanup of abandoned mines could get boost, relieving rivers

Thousands of abandoned coal mines in the U.S. have been polluting rivers and streams for decades, in some cases harming fish and contaminating drinking water. Now efforts to finally clean up the sites could soon get a big boost.

climate change, pollution, and public lands

This is what Biden’s budget does for the environment

Here's how President Biden plans to address climate change, pollution, and public lands in the greatest detail we've seen so far.