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Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
whitehaven coal pollution toxics
Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Coalmines pollute much more than their operators predicted when they sought approval

Whitehaven Coal's underground mine in northern NSW is polluting the atmosphere with more than three times the direct greenhouse gas emissions it forecast it would emit when it received environmental approval in 2015.

Australian climate deal

Australian climate deal struck after Labor and the Greens reach safeguard mechanism agreement

The federal government has secured the support it needs to implement its central climate change commitment, after securing a deal with the Greens after months of safeguard mechanism negotiations. 
Australian inquiry into coal mine safety

Mineworker doubts 'real' change will come from parliamentary inquiry into coal mine safety

When veteran miner Scott Leggett goes to work, he leaves behind his nine-year-old daughter Anika who worries he "might get badly injured" or that he won't come home at all.
rebuilding Australia NT homes on floodplain

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles defends NT government decision to rebuild homes on floodplain in Pigeon Hole

Natasha Fyles has defended the construction of new homes for the remote community of Pigeon Hole in a known flood zone, saying the location was decided after consultation with residents. 
Australian climate policy review
John Englart/Flickr

Review of core Labor climate policy splits on party lines, Greens decry lack of ambition

An Australian Senate committee reviewing the government's proposed changes to the safeguard mechanism splits along predictable lines, with Labor MPs supporting the legislation and Greens and crossbenchers arguing it is not ambitious enough.

Vanuatu seeks climate-harming justice

Australia joins Vanuatu's campaign to push for consequences for climate-harming countries through the ICJ

Neither of the world's two largest emitters, China and the United States, have signed on as co-sponsors for the motion, which could be up for a vote at the United Nations later this year.
Australian species extinction threats
Tim Bawden/Flickr

Researchers find 26 Australian species recovered from the brink of extinction

Several wildlife species have recovered to the point where they no longer should be considered threatened, researchers find, but they warn many more are under threat from habitat destruction and climate change.