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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
seaweed cutting  livestock’s methane emissions

How scientists want to cut livestock’s methane emissions

Newly approved feed additives reduce methane emissions of feedlot animals, but a remedy for grazing livestock remains elusive
petrochemical industry backing pyrolysis plants

Amid controversy, industry goes all in on plastics pyrolysis

Chemical companies are fully backing this plastic waste recycling process. To prove their detractors wrong, they will need to make it work
india china pollution toxics

Reducing aerosol pollution could lead to an unexpected rise in ozone

Air quality regulations focused on cutting particle pollution could be causing a 30% jump in ozone over China and India.

Can industry decarbonize steelmaking?

Can industry decarbonize steelmaking?

Major steelmakers and disruptive start-ups look to hydrogen and renewable electricity to make green steel.

soil climate science

Can soil help solve our climate problem?

Replenishing depleted soil with carbon dioxide from the air can combat climate change, if science, policy, and markets align.

world chemical outlook 2021

C&EN’s world chemical outlook 2021

A look ahead at the issues that will affect—and connect—chemists and chemistry across the globe.

The race to preserve Earth’s historical climate record—its ice

The race to preserve Earth’s historical climate record—its ice

As climate change threatens Earth's glaciers and ice sheets, climatologists and chemists are banking ice core samples for the future.