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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
UK's climate adaptation efforts deemed inadequate by experts

UK's climate adaptation efforts deemed inadequate by experts

The UK's strategy for climate change adaptation significantly lacks the depth and urgency needed, as outlined by the Committee on Climate Change.

Fiona Harvey reports for The Guardian.

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Battleship North Carolina
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How the flood-prone site of Battleship North Carolina is adapting to a rising sea

The site of the Battleship North Carolina faces peril from a rising sea. Now those who run it want to surrender some of its land back to nature.
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Climate change: Bangladesh cultivates a new mindset of adaptation

Climate change defines where young Bangladeshis live, if they study, and when they marry. But resilient adaptation is making a difference.
Image by Richard Todd from Pixabay

The Caribbean island of Dominica is adapting its food systems to climate change

For Dominica, cassava is more than a local staple. The humble root vegetable is part of the country’s strategy for enhancing food security, promoting its culture, and adapting to climate change.

north carolina climate action corps
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Watch: NC officials launch Climate Action Corps to fight against climate change

North Carolina is launching a Climate Action Corps to work on projects to make the state more resilient to extreme weather.
greek island climate flooding

Storms batter Greek island as government prioritizes adapting to the effects of climate change

Torrential rain swept across central Greece on Wednesday damaging roads, flooding homes and causing power outages on the island of Evia, as the government declared that adapting to climate change has become a national priority.

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Lessons from California on how to adapt to sea level rise

Rising water is forcing California and its coastal communities to completely rethink their viability, resilience, and even their resistance to change.