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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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On New Zealand farm, scientists reduce cow burps to save the world

On New Zealand farm, scientists reduce cow burps to save the world

More than a dozen calves wait at a research farm in New Zealand to be fed Kowbucha, a punnily named probiotic that studies show reduces burps -- or methane emissions.
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Drought-hit Kenyan herders save wildlife - and their livelihoods

Kenyan farmers are converting some of the farmland into sustainably managed rangeland to create a wildlife conservancy where cattle and wild animals can co-exist and eco-tourism provides jobs for local people.

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Factbox: U.S. climate deal has money for EVs, clean energy and even Big Oil

After years of failed attempts to pass major legislation to combat climate change, the U.S. Senate's Inflation Reduction Act is poised to become largest U.S. climate legislation in history.
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Dreyfus Brazil CEO says tackling deforestation involves compensating farmers

Commodities trader Louis Dreyfus Brazil's chief executive said on Tuesday that if society wants to tackle deforestation seriously, mechanisms need to be put in place to compensate farmers for conserving trees.
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Swiss parliament gets climate lecture after father's hunger strike

Climate scientists took turns to deliver speeches on the perils of global warming to the Swiss parliament on Monday in an event triggered by the hunger strike of a frustrated Swiss father on its doorstep last year.
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Two million children at risk of starvation in Horn of Africa - U.N. aid chief

U.N. aid chief Martin Griffiths said on Tuesday that close to 2 million children are at risk of starving to death as the Horn of Africa faces one of its worst droughts in decades.

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In Chablis vineyards, fear grows that destructive frosts may become the norm

Chablis is a very dry white wine that is produced only in the Yonne region of Burgundy due to the area's specific climate. But volumes could now be under pressure as the emergence of mild weather early in the year followed by a spring frost, previously unusual, looks to becoming a recurrent trend.