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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Harris narrows potential VP picks to climate, energy moderates
Washington governor defends climate law against repeal effort
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European tourists head north to dodge heat, summer extended as weather changes

Tourists and tour operators are expected to head to northern Europe in the future after a summer of crippling heatwaves hit southern Europe and left travelers wondering if cooler temperatures might suit them better.
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Rising airline emissions could trigger global caps as early as 2024

Rising airline traffic is expected to trigger global emissions-related requirements for some carriers as early as next year, according to a top airline trade group, even as debate broadens on the effectiveness of that approach.
U.S. airlines to support higher target for sustainable aviation fuel by 2030 -sources

U.S. airlines to support higher target for sustainable aviation fuel by 2030 -sources

Major U.S. airlines plan to announce on Thursday that they will back a voluntary industry target of 3 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel in 2030 as the White House looks to reduce aviation sector emissions, sources told Reuters.
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French parliament approves climate change bill to green the economy

France's National Assembly has approved a wide-ranging climate change bill that will prevent future airport expansions, prohibit open-air terrace heaters and reduce packaging waste.