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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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wildfires warming the stratosphere

How Canada's wildfires are warming the stratosphere

Extreme wildfires are increasing due to rising emissions, but they also disrupt the climate in return. Weighing up the overall impact, however, is tricker than it seems.
Barrow Atmospheric Baseline Observatory climate science

On Utqiagvik's edge, an observatory measures the gases that are warming the Arctic and the planet

NOAA’s Barrow Atmospheric Baseline Observatory got a big upgrade enabling more science at a time when climate-change conditions are getting worse.

photos of the Arctic getting greener

Beautiful yet unnerving photos of the Arctic getting greener

Using tricked-out drones, scientists are watching vegetation boom in the far north. Their findings could have big implications for the whole planet.
MOSAIC polar expedition data

Dartmouth professor gets hands on polar expedition data

"This is like Christmas morning opening up this data set."

Your car is spewing microplastics

Your car is spewing microplastics that blow around the world

When you drive, tiny bits of plastic fly off your tires and brakes. And all that road muck is blowing into “pristine" environments like the Arctic.

The Indiana Jones of climate science

The Indiana Jones of climate science

Five years after he famously Facebooked his way to rescue from a Himalayan crevasse, scientist and climber John All is back on Mount Everest, looking for answers about how global warming is affecting the highest peaks on earth.