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Burrard inlet industrial pollution
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Palm oil pollution
Rising saltwater contamination threatens health in coastal Bangladesh
EU's farming funding heavily favors animal agriculture, study finds

EU's farming funding heavily favors animal agriculture, study finds

A recent study reveals the European Union's agricultural subsidies disproportionately favor animal farming over plant cultivation, posing environmental challenges.

Ajit Niranjan reports for The Guardian.

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dead fish texas beach
Image by simon_ramone from Pixabay

Dead fish are popping up along beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, officials say. Here's why

This week, Texas beachgoers along the Gulf Coast may have observed a startling sight along the coastlines: possibly thousands of dead fish washed up on the sand.

india farm climate animals
Image by Md. Sohail Sayyed from Pixabay

In India, climate change is devastating animals and farmers alike

A vicious cycle of poverty, climate change, and animal suffering makes dairy farming unsustainable.
climate crisis insects biodiversity
Photo by MD_JERRY on Unsplash

Why the climate crisis is making our insects run for the hills

Around the world, different species are shifting their habitats upwards, with potentially catastrophic results for our ecosystems.

whale conservation

She was on the front lines of whale conservation. Now she’s on the front lines of war

Olga Shpak is one of thousands of researchers whose life’s work has been set adrift by the war, as she and her peers have been forced to flee the region or stay and fight.

factory farm chickens dead and in cages

Jane Goodall calls for end to factory farming amid ‘extreme’ animal cruelty

The 89-year-old conservationist warned of agro-industry and factory farming’s impact on human health, climate and biodiversity.
warming ocean biodiversity food web

Life in ocean’s twilight zone ‘could disappear’ amid warming seas

Less food is falling to deep, dimly-lit waters, home to specially adapted marine life – but reducing emissions would stem destruction.