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Maryland researchers invented two new apples to withstand climate change

University of Maryland researcher Chris Walsh had an ambitious goal: develop apples that were heat-tolerant but also fire blight-resistant, and on trees short enough to be easily pruned or harvested from the ground.

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Climate change is pushing Pacific Northwest farmers to protect crops from extreme heat

Farmers who grow apples, berries, cherries, potatoes and more in the Pacific Northwest are facing more intense and frequent heat, and struggling to adapt their practices to protect their crops.

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How about them apples? Research orchards chart a fruit’s future

Scientists there are working on understanding the genetics that result in this bonanza of apple diversity, with the ultimate goal of improving the fruit in different ways — tastier, heartier, more disease-resistant and with longer shelf-life in the face of changing climates.

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India’s apple farmers count cost of climate crisis as snow decimates crops

The homegrown apple is in danger of becoming a rarity in India, as farmers have lost up to half their harvest this year, with predictions that the country's main orchards could soon be all but wiped out.

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How climate change is threatening the apples used to make craft cider

Warmer, rainier springs are a boon to fire blight, a disease that hits cider apple trees hard. It may soon threaten all apples, and other fruit crops.
Fire blight spreads northward, threatening apple orchards

Fire blight spreads northward, threatening apple orchards

Growers in northern states are combating virulent outbreaks of a disease as seasons grow warmer, orchards have been reconfigured for higher yields and new varieties may be more vulnerable.
From apples to popcorn, climate change is altering the foods America grows

From apples to popcorn, climate change is altering the foods America grows

In every region, farmers and scientists are trying to adapt an array of crops to warmer temperatures, invasive pests, erratic weather and earlier growing seasons.