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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
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Chicago to pay for electric stoves, heat pumps

This $15 million initiative will directly help residents who may not otherwise have the means to remove fossil fuel appliances from their homes.

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Air conditioning: the benefits, problems and alternatives

Amid record-breaking heat, increased access to air conditioning could save lives – but AC units are damaging the environment. Are there other options?
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Data from whole-home energy monitors can help homeowners reduce carbon pollution

By identifying which appliances and devices are using the most energy at different times of day, people can cut their carbon footprints.
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Jimmy Carter legacy on energy efficiency, environment, and climate

Carter was “the first president to pass a law on energy efficiency standards that had teeth,” says Jay Hakes, a former administrator of the Energy Information Administration and former director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

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Gas stoves pose health risks. Are gas furnaces and other appliances safe to use?

The public debate over burning natural gas in homes has largely ignored gas-powered furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances, but they also create health and environmental challenges.
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Washing machines and fridges could become much more efficient by 2027

New household washing machines, refrigerators and freezers will be subject to more stringent energy-efficiency requirements under rules proposed by the Department of Energy last week.