arctic heat waves

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Indigenous Guardians arctic warming
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Indigenous Guardians protect their culture of cold in a heating world

Masked against the Arctic glare in orange-tinted sunglasses, Tad Tulurialik is a modern conservation “Guardian” of his fast-melting homeland.

accelerated polar warming

The weirdest reason the poles are warming so fast? Invisible clouds

Clouds way up in the stratosphere act like a blanket, trapping heat in the Arctic and Antarctica. That could help explain why models keep underestimating how fast they’re warming.
arctic heat waves & wildfire

Canada sees farthest north 100-degree temperature amid burning wildfires

The 100-degree reading in Norman Wells in the Northwest Territories Saturday was the highest on record so far north in the Western Hemisphere.
increasing wildfires could transform the Arctic

How increasing wildfires could transform the Arctic

Wildfires, and the nutrients they bring, could make the Arctic Ocean more productive.
Earth’s ice melt & land lost to sea

Memories of the end of the Last Ice Age, from those who were there

As Earth’s ice melts once more, heed these ancient tales of land lost to the sea.
Arctic is warming 4 times faster
Rawpixel Ltd/Flickr

Why the Arctic is warming 4 times as fast as the rest of Earth

The loss of sea ice is exposing darker waters, which absorb more of the sun’s energy. It’s a devastating feedback loop with major consequences for the planet.
Arctic summer heat wave

Heat wave under the Midnight Sun

Temperatures surpassed 30 degrees Celsius across northern Scandinavia on Wednesday and many metrological stations hit new record high temperatures for June.