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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
Fracking's role in Argentina's increased earthquakes

Fracking's role in Argentina's increased earthquakes

Residents of northern Patagonia are enduring increasing earthquakes caused by intensive fracking, with little action from Argentine regulators despite clear evidence linking the two.

Katie Surma reports for Inside Climate News.

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Lithium mining poses risks to Indigenous cultures and environments in Argentina

Lithium mining poses risks to Indigenous cultures and environments in Argentina

In the arid terrains of northern Argentina, Indigenous communities face a looming threat from lithium mining that jeopardizes their water sources, culture, and traditional way of life.

Megan Janetsky, Victor R. Caivano, and Rodrigo Abd report for The Associated Press.

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indigenous lithium mining
Image by David Avila from Pixabay

The Indigenous groups fighting against the quest for 'white gold'

Berta Reventós and Natalia Favre report for the BBC about Indigenous communities in northern Argentina who are determined to protect their land from lithium mining.

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argentina drought water food climate

Farmers struggle in Argentina as drought withers their crops

The ground crackles as Guillermo Cuitino walks across dry farmland that should be green and lush this time of year. He grabs a soy plant and easily disintegrates its leaves with his hands.

argentina gas exports climate

Argentina secures funding to start gas exports from ‘carbon bomb’

Argentina has secured funding for a new pipeline, that would allow the country to reach "record-breaking" oil and gas production.
argentina drought climate

Scientists: High temperatures due to climate change worsen impact of Argentina’s drought

Extreme temperatures sparked by global warming have exacerbated the impact of a historic drought on Argentina’s agricultural production, according to young scientists from several countries who participate in the academic initiative, World Weather Attribution.