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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Why scientists are bugging the rainforest

Scientists use microphones and AI to automatically detect species by their chirps and croaks. This bioacoustics research could be critical for protecting ecosystems on a warming planet.
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Could AI save the Amazon rainforest?

Conservationists in the Brazilian Amazon are using a new tool to predict the next sites of deforestation – and it may prove a gamechanger in the war on logging.

Hydropower needs to be way greener
Bruno Batista/ VPR/ Flickr

How AI could help bring a sustainable reckoning to hydropower

Dams wreak environmental and greenhouse gas havoc. Researchers are grappling with the task of making them environmentally sustainable.
The science stories that shook 2018

The science stories that shook 2018

Our guest scientists pick the breakthroughs and discoveries that defined their year, from insights into human evolution to our first trip aboard an asteroid.