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EPA’s new coal ash rules leave cleanup to companies

EPA’s new coal ash rules leave cleanup to companies

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has introduced updated coal ash regulations aimed at curbing groundwater pollution, but enforcement is left largely to the companies responsible for the ash dumps.

Miranda Willson reports for E&E News.

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smoke billowing from landfil
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Experts raise concerns over planned use of Olowalu landfill to store fire debris

With plans underway for using Olowalu as a disposal site for massive amounts of ash and debris from the Lahaina fire, some experts question how well-equipped the area is to handle the toxic waste and whether the facility can comply with federal regulations governing hazardous waste containment.

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Lahaina kids go back to school, raising fears of toxic ash from fires

Hawai‘i education officials want to return to normal. But some parents want more time to heal.
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As cities swelter, urban shade trees fall by the millions

Midwestern cities face a dilemma: Remove mature ash trees that keep neighborhoods cool or leave them to be devoured by a tiny bug.
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Toxic coal ash landfills face tougher oversight from EPA

Dozens of coal waste landfills nationwide, previously exempted from federal oversight, would now be regulated under a proposed rule.
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Climate-fueled wildfires worsen danger for fish

Wildfires are followed by torrential rains that wash ashy muck into streams, killing fish and smothering their feeding and spawning areas.

air pollution toxics orange county

What is in our air, Orange County?

It is all around us, all the time but have you ever thought about what makes up the air we breathe? Air is more than just gas. Air can have dust, pollen, salt from sea spray, volcanic ash, and smoke, to name a few.